Tuesday, October 25, 2011

~damaged goods~

We go to the library weekly.
A few weeks ago I check out this book:
Sewing Bits and Pieces.
It was alright. 
There were a couple cute projects in there I was
going to attempt (owl bookends being one of them).
I had the book sitting on my table, waiting to
copy the patterns onto tracing paper
when I spilled a little tiny bit of coffee.
The coffee got on the very bottom of a few
of the last pages in the book and a little on the back cover.
I let it dry....it's not too bad.
It was obvious that it had MINIMAL damage but
most definitely still usable.
I return it to the library, expecting to be charged
a fine because of this but boy am I shocked 
to see what the fine is......
Assuming that this was a typo or something,
I go into the library yesterday and ask them about it.
They have the book set aside and bring it out.
I see it EXACTLY as I have returned it.....
I explain to her that there is no denying I have
damaged the book but the fine seems outrageous
for what little damage has been done.
She explains to me that the book is unusable now.
(In who's world?)

She says to me, "Would you want to check a book
out that was in this condition?"

My response, "Uh yes....and as a matter of fact, I have 
many times from this very library. I have
actually checked out books that were in far
worse condition than that one."

I asked her if I could dispute or appeal the charge
and she said no. AND....if I don't pay it in 30 days,
I get sent to collections.
The encounter was a friendly one....I had decided
before I went in that I would just have to be
OK with whatever the outcome was. I didn't 
want my day to get ruined over $20.

So-looks like next week I will be going into the 
library, paying a ridiculous fine......
and walking out of there the new pissed proud 
owner of this book.

Moral of the story.....
NEVER spill even a drop of liquid on your library book!
I'll think twice before reading while in the bathtub again too.


Amanda said...

This is why I avoid the library. Gross books that other people have had their nasty paws all over and huge fines for dumb stuff. I'll stick to buying books.

Jolie said...

Did you point out the damage or did they find it and then fine you? It's too bad it wasn't a good book worthy of your hard earned money!! I'm sorry :(
lol Amanda!

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