Sunday, October 23, 2011

~let's swap~

Jolie and I have been talking about
swapping for a couple years now.....
....and I'm not talking anything freaky like Sister Wives.
 (which I happen to be obsessed with right now! I love it!)

Let's talk about our closets!
 We are going to be organizing and 
hosting a clothing swap 
SPRING 2012.
So-as you are rotating your wardrobes;
folding those summer clothes with a tear
stained face as you think about
our winter hell wonderland and
bringing those sweaters, boots and leggings
out of moth ball heaven, 
keep this in mind.
Don't throw your stuff away 
or donate it to the D.I. just yet.
Set it aside and bring it to our swap
in the spring. 
If you're anything like me, you have
tons of stuff that is in decent condition and
you absolutely love it but for one reason
or another, you don't wear it. 
Bring it to the swap and swap it for 
someone else's hidden fashion treasure.
All sizes of clothes

We are going to spend the winter 
researching this and planning the 
best way to have a successful clothing
swap so stay tuned for more
information and guidelines.
In these crappy economic times
what better way to spruce up
your wardrobe and put a skip
in your step after a long, cold winter? 

Alone, we can't have Carrie Bradshaw's closet
but together....we can come damn close!
(If you don't know who Carrie Bradshaw
haven't seen Sex and the City.)

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