Wednesday, October 26, 2011

~my gnome is cuter than yours~

My little guy decided what his Halloween costume would
be months and months ago.
After watching Gnomeo and Juliet he was 
determined to be Gnomeo for Halloween.
In case you aren't familiar with this cartoon let me assist:
 Super easy and adorable. 
It seems that box of fabric my Mom gave me this past
summer happens to be the gift that keeps on giving.
I knew I had the supplies for the belt but I
thought I would have to go buy a big piece of blue
felt for this. Guess what was in the box?
Praise the Lord in song.....preferably an Elton John song.
(he did all the music for Gnomeo and Juliet)

I winged the whole thing and loved the way it turned out.
My little man is thrilled and can't wait to wear it!

As far as the shirt goes...I just took a large piece of felt
and folded it in half. I got one of my little guys shirts and set it
on top to measure the length I needed to cut. 
I then cut a hole out on the top of the folded piece of felt for
his head. I should have taken a picture but you are going to 
be cutting the end that is folded. There will not be a seam at 
the shoulders because you just sew this up the sides now and
slip over their head. Is this making sense now? 

Next I took two half circles (more like ovals) and
sewed them to the front of the neck opening
on each side to make a collar.

The belt is made from some brown fleece I had on hand
and the buckle is yellow felt that I hand stitched on. 
It is fastened with Velcro.

For the boots I just bought a pair of men's black socks at
the Dollar Store and slipped them over his little work boots.
Total cost for this costume......$1.
This may be the cheapest Halloween yet.

He wants me to be Juliet and Dad to be Tibbles (the mean gnome...haha).
We'll see what happens with that. 

One more off that list!
-duvet cover
-child's cupboard re-do
-felt food for kids
-birthday banner
-kids slippers
-boys pirate party
-baby girl romper w/vintage corduroy
-leg warmers
-wall art for family
-hot shirt for momma :)
-hand made rings
-owl bookends
-play mat
-zipper purse
-state love art
-Halloween costumes


Jolie said...

oh my gosh!!!! that is the cutest costume i've ever seen!!! paula! i love this!
what a good idea to use the black socks! how creative! what is his beard? I couldn't tell if it was cotton? are you ever going to be able to get him out of the costume??

good job girl!!!
this comment is just full of !!!!!!!!
I rate this sewing project 10 exclamation points!!!

Amanda said...

I totally agree with jolee. cutest costume ever!!!! I can't wait to see him on Monday.!!!!! love it. I totally want to call you and talk. to you about it right now but its not a good time of night for you..... later though.

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