Sunday, October 23, 2011

~birthday banner-Tim Gunn style~

Remember the list of projects I told you about
the other day? I decided to start off with the
easiest project......the birthday banner.
It turned out adorable!
I totally winged it.
I didn't take pics during the process because
I figured it's pretty self explanatory.
Pretty easy and IMPOSSIBLE to screw up.....RIGHT?
The process of getting it to this final result was 
not as easy as it would have been if I'd given
it a little thought before I dived (is this a word?) 
into it. Maybe I should have researched and
read some tutorials about them eh?

Anyway-I cut the triangle flags out with a pattern
I made out of a piece of paper. 
I used fabric scraps I had on hand here.

The letters are from a cardboard birthday banner that
I have been using for years to decorate with.
I cut the letters out and painted over
them with some Martha Stewart acrylic glitter paint.

Next, I sewed the letters onto the flags.

I decided to use a piece of thick, gigantic rick-rack
to sew the flags onto. 
I folded it in half and started with the center flag
and worked my way out, pinning the flags to the rick-rack.

Last step was to sew the flags onto the rick-rack.

I finished it late Thursday night and was
excited to hang it up and show my son Friday morning,
as we had been working on it together and talking about it.
Well-I hang it up and soon realize,
"CRAP! This sucker is huge!"
I forgot to measure the space I would be hanging it in.
I normally would hang it in my bay window above 
my dining room table. Well-I tried that and it 
swooped down to the floor.
(sorry-no pic)
I thought to myself,
"Well-I'll try it on my main living room wall."
This is what it looked like on that:

Not the look I was going for.
B-A-D......BAD! true Tim Gunn fashion I
was faced with a "make it work" moment.
I didn't want to take the time to unpick
the flags and cut the rick-rack smaller so I decided
instead to do a gathering stitch on the part
of the flags that lay behind the rick-rack.
Like this:
(Wow....this is a really bad picture....sorry.
You get the idea right?)
Notice my stubby fingernails.
Projects such as this make me chew my nails :(
After I adjusted the gathers across the 
entire banner I LOVED the result.
I think it gives it a happier vibe and 
it's different than any I have seen around.

It fits perfectly in the bay window
and I can't wait for our birthdays to roll around
so I can hang it up.
The banner was easily fixed......
my nails on the other hand
will take a couple weeks. 

1 comment:

Jolie said...

oh...your poor little fingers :(
you did a great job Paula!!!
i think it's the bestest happy
birthday banner i've ever seen!!!
it would bring a smile and make anyone
feel loved to walk out on a bday morning
and have that hung especially for them.

good job

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