Monday, October 24, 2011


Well-it looks like I can cross the bookends off my list.
They aren't the bookends I originally intended to make.
I decided the owl bookends would be too much work
at this point. Last year after my Mom cleaned out her fabric room 
she gave me a ton of fabric.
I found some vintage strawberry shortcake pillow dolls
 hidden in one of the boxes she gave me.
I remember her making them for me when 
I was a little girl.....they might actually be antique.
(KIDDING! I'm not that old!)
Since I got them I've been brainstorming ideas for them
and I thought this would be perfect.
I love the color combination in them and I think they
will look adorable on my little lady's book case.
I'm actually going to attempt a tutorial for this.
It's my first attempt at a tutorial so go easy on me.
I thought it best to start with a simple one.

1-cut out the pillow shapes and pin right sides together.
Don't forget to leave a space open for your filling/beans.

2-sew the pillow together leaving the opening at the top.
 3-snip all the way around the pillow and trim down the excess fabric.
Turn them ride side out now and iron.
4-Now it's time to fill it. I used large beans for the weight
and filled at least the bottom half with these. I filled in the 
top half with stuffing. I also put a few beans throughout the top
to help give it some shape.
5-pin the top together.
6-hand stitch the opening together.
Make sure this is a secure stitch so the little
ones can't get to the beans.

At this point you are done.
However, I wanted to adorn the doll with a little
something to give it a bit of texture.
I decided on a bow.
I just hand stitched it and attached the button to the center of it.
I attached it with a glue gun but if I were to make another,
I would prefer to actually sew this to the doll so I
didn't have to worry about it getting ripped off as easily.
This would need to be done first thing....before you 
sew the pieces together.
It was super easy and only took about an hour.
I will give this to my little lady for her birthday
with a new bookcase for her room.

-duvet cover
-child's cupboard re-do
-felt food for kids
-birthday banner
-kids slippers
-boys pirate party
-baby girl romper w/vintage corduroy
-leg warmers
-wall art for family
-hot shirt for momma :)
-hand made rings
-owl bookends
-play mat
-zipper purse
-state love art
-Halloween costumes

It feels good to cross that off!


Dawn said...

So cute!!!

Jolie said...

turned out adorable!

Amanda said...

They turned out so cute. Good job on the tutorial. I think anyone could put them together from that.

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