Monday, October 24, 2011

~my list~

Remember my list of birthday and Christmas projects?
Yeah....I didn't think so.
Let me remind you:
-duvet cover
-child's cupboard re-do
-felt food for kids
-birthday banner
-kids slippers
-boys pirate party
-baby girl romper w/vintage corduroy
-leg warmers
-wall art for family
-hot shirt for momma :)
-hand made rings
-owl bookends
I love making lists just so I can cross things off.
I once read that it releases endorphins in your brain
to cross something off a list.
Sometimes when I'm feeling useless I will make
a list of stuff I've already done.....and then cross them off
just to try and make myself feel better.
Not sure if it really works :)
Today I'm going to cross off the book-ends
and hopefully show you. 

I'm making some headway!
unfortunately I'm also adding a couple things to the list:
-play mat
-zipper purse
-state love art (you just's cute!)
-Halloween costumes

I guess I'll be moving the Halloween costumes
to the top of the list.....I'm running out of time for that.

1 comment:

Jolie said...

the only lists i make are sh*t lists! lol!
i can never follow thru with any other kind.

can't wait to see your book ends!

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