Thursday, October 11, 2012

~silky shirt transformation~

 My friends all know I love to re-vamp clothes
and because of that I often become the recipient of
bad shirts like this:
It's OK for me to say the shirt was bad.
My friend knew it when she gave it to me 
and she never wore it herself. Her Mom,
bless her heart, gave her this shirt to wear
for a job interview......LAST YEAR!
Needless to say, my friend didn't wear it 
to the interview. Instead she gave it to me.
I love the challenge of taking something that 
is not wearable (for my taste) and transforming
it into something that I love. 
I love polka-dots and really wanted to 
find a way I could wear this.

This is what I came up with:

I wanted to give it a more modern shape.
The first thing I did was cut that elastic band
off the bottom of it and turned it under with a hem. 
After that took off the buttons and
sewed it together right up the middle. Next I changed the 
neckline to be a v-neck instead of that round crew neck (ugh).
The last thing I did was make a cut-out at the shoulder
and tucked the sleeve at the top and bottom.
 I like the final product and I think I'll wear it a lot.
It's one of those shirts I can wear when 
I'm feeling chubs because it's forgiving 
and hangs nice but it also has that little edge
I like in my clothes :) 
And really, how often do you say,
"My shoulders look fat today."

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susie said...

CUTE!! I love the cut-outs on the shoulder, you could totally make me something like that and I would LOVE it! :)

Jolie said...

I loved it on you! It's like it was made for you.....oh wait!!!! it was!

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