Friday, October 12, 2012

~11-22-63 book review~

I'm not usually a Stephen King fan.
I DON'T do scary and I DON'T do gory;
two things I automatically assume a Stephen King
story entails. I've read many books over the years
about the JFK assassination, covering all the 
different conspiracy theories, the Warren Commission
reports, Lee Harvey Oswald, etc. 
BUT.....I have never read one like this.

Let me give the disclaimer here that I'm usually
not into science fiction....AT ALL.
This book has a little science fiction in the sense that
the main character finds a portal that allows him
to go back in time. When he enters this portal
he is transported to a September day in 1958.
No matter how many time he enters the portal,
he is always transported to that same day, same
time in September of 1958. Here's the weird part,
regardless of the amount of time he spends in 
the portal, when he comes back to modern day
time, he has only been gone 2 minutes.
Crazy isn't it?

The whole premise of the story once he discovers this
time portal is to go back in time and stop the 
Kennedy assassination. In order to do so, he
has to stay for 5 years, awaiting the date of
the Kennedy assassination, November 22, 1963.
During the 5 years leading up to it, he lives
 life and learns quickly the concept of 
the "butterfly effect".......
how a small change in events can effect
the big picture on a HUGE level. 
I got so involved with the characters and their
stories that I forgot completely about the 
science fiction aspect of it. 

The story is brilliantly told and full of
surprises, colorful characters, suspense,
brain bender concepts and a 
And true to form with any Stephen King story....
it has it's fair share of creepiness but in
this particular book it delivers without
going overboard.

I thoroughly enjoyed this read.....
all 849 pages of it.

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