Sunday, October 14, 2012

~my DIY studded cuffs~

 I've been wanting a pair of rockin cuffs
for awhile now....for those days that I feel like a 
or a ROCK STAR....
or a TEENAGER.  
Most days I just feel tired. 
I found these faux studded headbands at the
Dollar Store and knew I'd hit the jackpot.

The only materials needed besides the plastic
studded material are velcro and glue.
I initially tried hot glue and it DIDN'T work.
I had to go in for the big guns and pull 
out my E-6000. It worked GREAT....
and in my opinion it smells good too :)
I cut the plastic studs the size of my wrists and 
attached a thin piece of velcro to each end 
as a closure method.

 Be sure to attach the velcro to the opposite sides
at the ends so it lays flat. 
(one piece to the under-side and 
the other to the up-side) 
 I was able to make both of these with just
one headband. I'm not gonna lie.....they are a bit
itchyscratchy but I'm willing to deal 
with a little bit of discomfort for the sake
of fashion. I can attach a lining of
felt or softer material to the underside if
I want it to be softer.      
 I can also stack them for a really wide cuff.
Not bad for a dollar eh?
Just the right balance of bling, rock and trend
for my taste......and my budget :)

Hope your weekend has been fun  
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Jolie said...


maybe you should lay off the E-6000!!! And you wonder where your memory has gone? you little sniffer

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