Monday, October 15, 2012

~hibernating flowers and chalk people~

 This is the last of the flower arrangements
from our own garden for the season.
It's been SLIM pickins the last couple weeks.

 I love the beads of water on the rose petals.
I could have shaken it off before I placed
it in the vase but chose not to. I picked these
on a rainy morning last week.  

I still have a couple tomato plants with lots of 
fruit I'm hoping can ripen on the vine before it 
gets too cold....which reminds me, I need
to cover them tonight.   

The weather is getting cold FAST and my
husband is hard at work preparing the flower beds
for the winter now. Cleaning up and pruning the plants
and re-planting all of our bulbs that have been sitting
in the dark all summer. I almost choked when
I walked outside last week and saw that he
had cut down my ENORMOUS sunflower plant.
I replaced the sunflower plant with
something else that was enormous:

A chalk outline of myself.
My kid thought it would be fun to do 
outlines of our bodies in the driveway.
I'm not gonna lie....I thought it would be fun too.
Until I saw how short and SQUAT I really am.

I thought maybe it would look better if I drew
some clothes on it. WRONG!
Looks even more short and more squat.   
 My kids outlines turned out cute :

 It rained the next day and washed 
our little chalk people away.....  
 Next time I'll draw a more slimming 
and elongating outfit on my bod....
maybe some stilettos?    
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1 comment:

Jolie said...

OMHELL!!!! This is hilarious Paula!!!!!
I suggest that you let the kiddies draw around you and you inch your way down the driveway!!! That would guarantee some long legs to be able to put a rockin chalk outfit on!

but you know I love yer lil limbs :)

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