Friday, March 15, 2013

~our leprechaun trap this year~

 Our leprechaun trap is ready!
We'll see if we can catch the little bugger this year.
 This year we're trying a lean-to type of trap.
The gold is attached to a string that is tied
to the stick that's holding the lean-to up. Once it falls,
the trap door will come down and he'll be trapped.    
 And just for added security this year,
my son says he will be placing his Lego guys around
it to guard the leprechaun once he's trapped. 

 Have a rockin St. Patrick's Day.


Jolie said...

I really think this is the year you will get him!!! It's a good trap and with E's guys watching guard, there is no way that sneaky bugger can get away with the gold!

can't wait to find out the finale!

Amanda said...

haha, that's funny. I can just imagine EJ coming up with the lego idea.

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