Sunday, April 14, 2013

~spring flowers~

 It's been a month hasn't it?
Got to the point where you thought I was
done having a creative outlet and 
blasting it all over this here blog?
I almost thought so too.

It's been busy around here.
I started a job, working from home.
It's minimal hours each week but still
has been an adjustment for us.
The job itself is stressful and there is A TON 
of information and computer programs to 
navigate. I'm not gonna lie.....after each shift
I find myself thinking, "What the hell was I thinking?"
It's not like I HAVE to work. Truth be told,
my husband would rather have me not work so we
don't have two schedules to work around.
I'll give it ample time and see how it pans out.
It was a good opportunity, just maybe not the
most opportune time.  Is it ever though?   
We took the kids on vacation for spring break.
A week long trip in California.
Was wonderful.

Had guests at our house.
You know how it goes.   

Anyway.....something that is definitely 
a welcome sight right now. 
Our flowers.
Praise God.
Or rather I should say, praise my man.
The fruits of my husband's labors from last fall
have paid off and our bulbs are coming up 
strong and thick right now.
Here's my first arrangements:      
They seem like such happy little flowers :)
A daffodil represents new beginnings.....
very appropriate that it's the first flower
that blooms in our yard each year.  

 Look how far this tulip opened.
I've never seen one open so wide without the 
petals falling right off. 
 I've done a few projects in the past month,
just haven't had the time and energy to 
photograph them and blog about them.
I have a long list of things from the past
couple years that I STILL HAVEN'T shown you.
Eventually......I promise.

Hope you are enjoying the spring time.
Here's to new beginnings :)      
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