Monday, April 15, 2013

~turquoise in all shapes & sizes bracelet~

 I love making these bracelets.
I find it so fun and rewarding to
arrange and design each individual bead
and layout of each bracelet.
A good friend of mine had a birthday last week
and I made this for her:
   She told me specifically that she needed some turquoise
colored jewelry, a wish I was delighted to fill
because turquoise is my favorite color of
jewelry to wear and work with.

I decided to make her a pair of earrings too.

Both pieces will work well with additional
gold or silver too.  
It ended up being a nice little set 
that I think she will wear often.
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Jolie said...

love the colors!!! the earrings kick ars

Linda said...

Love them all! You are so creative, hon!

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