Monday, March 4, 2013

~personalized memory game for kids~

 Do you remember the game "Memory"?
When I was a kid it was my favorite.
I remember the year us kids got a game for 
Christmas.....I could spend hours playing that
and I did. In fact, I ended up playing it alone
many times because I couldn't get any of
my siblings to play it as often as I wanted to.

My kids love it too.
I saw this idea on someones blog awhile ago.
I wish I could remember who's blog it was so
I could give them credit but I can't find it.
I finally got around to making it for my kids
for Valentines Day this year.     
 We had a couple different Memory game sets
so I took one of them and covered them with our own
pictures. I'm telling you right here at the beginning......
this is not a quick project.
It's easy, but VERY time consuming.
I worked on it, on and off for about 3 weeks.
  First thing you need to do is pick the photos you want to
use and print them up. I printed them from my
computer onto card stock. I printed a wallet size.
You have to remember to print TWO of each.
Once you get your pictures printed, you will need
to use a card to trace around the part of the
picture you will be cutting. This is what takes so long.
Cutting them out......woof.     
 Once you get them cut out you'll go ahead
and mod-podge them onto your memory cards.
Once it dries, go ahead and put a layer of 
mod-podge over the top of the photos to seal them.
That's it.
Let them dry and stack em up!  

 I will say, this is one of those projects
that I knew the SECOND my kids opened it.....
that it was worth every minute of time I put into it.
They loved it!
We have so much fun remembering the moments
captured on the cards as we are playing.   
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Linda said...

Paula-I love it-I'll play it with you all when I come to visit next!

Jolie said...

i love this idea!!!! ugh! wish i could have done this when my boys were lil.
i can see why the kiddos love it too

Shan @ Design Gal said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE this idea! Totally doing this someday when Baker is old enough to get it!

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