Thursday, March 14, 2013

~comin up~

 Spring is starting to peek it's head out of the wintery 
clouds and snowdrifts. 

The green popping out of the ground in the spring
is such a glorious change from the dreary
snowy landscape I get accustomed to seeing
by this time each year.    
 Our first blooms of the year :)
lovely littles.

That's not the only thing blooming.
I get the pleasure of gazing at these 
beauties each day now that sit on my kitchen shelf:  
 I'm not sure what this is.....a Christmas cactus maybe?
Whatever it is, it's blooming again and it's
beautiful bright orange.

BUT.....the real gem is this lady:  

the first orchid in 10+ years that I have EVER
got to re-bloom. I was THRILLED to see 
the new chute and blooms grow. 
Orchids are my FAVORITE flower and this particular
plant is one that my husband gave me about a year
and four months ago......I think now I've figured 
out how to make them re-bloom....
patience is the main thing :) 

Welcome Spring!     
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1 comment:

Jolie said...

beautiful!! you and Jay D are the 'flower whisperers!'

welcome spring!

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