Monday, January 28, 2013

~wearing dresses in the winter~

Back in the day before I had kids I had
a closet full of nice, dressy clothes and 
only TWO pairs of jeans.
No kidding. Two.
I never wore jeans.....not even on the weekends.
That feels like a lifetime ago.
I probably own about 7 or 8 pairs of jeans now
and wear jeans the majority of the time.
But you know what?
I still love dressing up and I LOVE wearing 
dresses and skirts. Now that I'm not nursing
anymore I've got back into the practice
of wearing dresses. (It's much easier to
wear a dress when you don't have to lift
up the whole damn thing in order to get
to your boobs. NOT A PRETTY SITE!
I pretty much stop wearing 
dresses all together when I nurse for this reason.
Here's two dresses that are on my wardrobe radar
right now:  
      This orange and white striped halter dress is 
super light and comfy......two different ways to
accessorize it. One with black accents and
the other with silver and leather accents. I actually
wore the black version with black leggings
because it has been bitter cold in our neck of the woods.    

I haven't actually worn this yet but when I do
this is how I'll do it. Again, the little denim jacket
with my 'ol cowboy boots. 

Even though it seems as if you can only wear
a dress one way, I actually feel like they
are quite versatile..... depending on how   
you style and accessorize them.
I will wear both these dresses in the summer
with sandals and my big sun hat. 
 Throw some boots and a jacket over your dresses gals!
Just because it's winter doesn't mean we have to 
look like a "Stay Puff marshmallow" in our winter gear.    
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Jolie said...

cant wait to see you in these dresses.....IN VEGAS BABY!

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