Wednesday, January 9, 2013

~all things Christmas in January~

Has it really been a month since I 
gave any attention to this blog?
Sorry friends.....
December was filled with friends, social events,
school projects, Christmas projects, brunches and 
I'm just starting to feel human again.

There were a couple things throughout the month
I wanted to share with you but never got around to.
How does that saying go?
Better late than never......

The first is the way in which I displayed 
the Christmas cards we received.
(which happens to be one of my
favorite parts of the holiday season....
I love getting cards and greetings in the mail)
 In an accidental attempt at covering up some holes
in the tree, I discovered that I loved displaying the
cards on the tree. Everyone who came in the house 
commented on it as well. It was in plain sight for everyone
to see but out of the way and uncluttered.     
 See the hole.....fill the hole.
That simple.

I was also going to share the project I made
for my son's teacher at school.

It's an ornament with a picture of her
and all the kids inside. I fuzzed out the picture
for privacy reasons but you can imagine right?   
My son wrote a sweet little note to her on
the back of the picture that is visible
when you turn the ornament around. 
She loved it and said it is something that will
hang on her tree for many Christmas's to come.
You can find the clear bulbs with removable tops
at Michael's stores. They are very inexpensive and
 super easy to make. Fill them with whatever 
you can fit in the top

I make several of these a year.
Like these that I made as place settings
for my annual Christmas brunch with my 
best gal pals:  
 I didn't get a picture of the ornaments before I wrapped them
but I filled them with pics of us, glitter and feathers.
I wrapped them in tissue paper, attached a name tag and
VOILA! Such an easy gift with a touch of personal sentiment.   
And just because I share it each year....
I've got to show you how my house ended
up decorated this year for Christmas:


           I kept it very simple and light this year.
I didn't put out any decorations that didn't hold
a sentimental place in my heart. 

And finally.......
remember that Christmas favorite things swap I joined?
This was the box of delight that I mailed Julie.....
the lady who was my swapping partner:
 The limit was $20 and I did all this for exactly that!
I packaged it in a Christmas stocking and a little
note and sent it off.  

I'm such an oaf.....I was so excited
to get mine in the mail that I forgot to take
a picture of it.  She made some cute
Christmas napkins for me.....that I used for
another Christmas brunch we hosted,
some goodies to eat and a scented plug in
to make my house smell good :)

I promise I won't be such a stranger.
I have a couple fun things to share with you.
Hope your holiday season was happy
and that your 2013 is FABULOUS!

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