Saturday, January 12, 2013

~travel case for essential oil bottles~

 I LOVE essential oils.
I mean.....I really LOVE LOVE LOVE them.
Since I started using them I have been wanting
a little bag to store them in for travel.
My normal storage case is too big to take when I travel.
I've been wanting a little bag that will fit 
just a few oils and be compact enough to fit in a 
small bag or purse. This is what I came up with:
 I sewed elastic strips to the lining before sewing the 
lining and the shell together. The elastic strips are
tight enough to hold both sizes of bottles. It's also
big enough to hold my usage guide and empty capsules.  
 It unzips and lays flat, revealing all the goodness inside :)
I ended up putting a piece of felt in between the bottles 
when I zip it up so they aren't banging on each other. 

Can't wait for a reason to use this now.....
Vegas anyone?    

You can learn all about essential oils by clicking (here). 
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Jolie said...

do places already sell these kind of travel bags??? because if not, i'm sure there are a gazillion people that also love oils that would pay good $$ for this!!! sell them!

Unknown said...

You are a genius. I am agog! Can I place an order please??

heart4thehome said...

Were you planning to do a more detailed tutorial? I love this!!!!

Monica said...

Yes!! Tutorial or pattern please! This rocks :)

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