Sunday, January 13, 2013


It's been awhile since I've done a
"Pinspiration" year?
Trust me, it's not because I haven't spent
much time on Pinterest.
That site is a TIME SUCK TUNNEL....
I go for one idea and two hours later I'm sitting
in front of my computer trying to remember what
the hell I was looking for to begin with.
To answer your question from one of my pins
this morning Megan, "YES! I was pinning that early."

I was browsing Valentines ideas and boy did 
I find what I went looking for!
Click on the pictures to be 
re-directed to their sites.

  Susie.....I pinned this tutorial for Z...I 
know she loves owls and thought she might
want to make these for her friends.
This is from "joyfully jensen" blog.

I was mainly looking for ideas for my son's class.
I want to do something besides candy.
I'm so sick of fighting my kids about candy
and how much they can or cannot have.
I'm pretty sure I'm not the only momma who
feels this way.                

From "like a pretty petunia" blog-
 I love these crazy straw valentines.
From one "crazy" kid to another..... 

 From "dandee" blog-
Friendship bracelets.....what a great idea!
These would be easy to make but I think it might
work better for kids a little older than my guy.

From "JacO'lyn Murphy" blog-
my little guy's favorite one.
Isn't it hilarious?
I think I will put on it,
"love is a battlefield....let's just be friends."  

 From ""-
Valentine message pencil toppers.
It's in the running too-my son loved these.

  From ""-
Another favorite of my son.
Looks like he may have a hard time choosing, No?

   From ""-
This will be fun if he wants to do something
different for the girls in the class-which would
totally be do-able because there are only 4 girls!
That would have been my idea of a dream class
when I was a kid :) Yes-I was boy crazy!

  Bubbles by ""-
Cute and inexpensive alternative to candy.

  From "sheekshindigs" blog-
Do pop-rocks count as candy?
This fits our style I think :)

    From "repeat crafter me" blog-
monster push pops valentines.....
My resolve to not give candy totally goes 
out the window when I see these. 
I would do these for my kids....would be too
pricey to do for the whole class I think.

From "Rook No. 17" blog-
luv bugs......
my little guy would have fun making these too.  

And just because I'm the "room parent" for my
son's class, I went ahead and pinned this:
   I know the picture quality isn't great but you 
get the idea right? A bag for the kids to put
their valentines in.  
This is from "apples 4 the teacher" blog.

I think this is going to be a hard decision.
I'll let you know what we decide on.   

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Jolie said...

oh!!! the love bugs remind me of the 70's and when i went to elementary!
fun flashbacks! i like the bubbles because i think the kids would really use them

susie said...

Thanks for all the great ideas Sista! We love the owls and pop rocks. xoxo

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