Friday, July 8, 2011

~princess dress-take 2~

Another birthday.
Another princess dress.
I learned a lot making the last one 
and decided to do a few things differently this time around.
As you can see, same concept as the last one
but different execution.
The first thing I did differently was the t-shirt.
I decided this time around to buy a t-shirt in 
the little girls clothing section instead of a generic Hanes t-shirt.
I was hoping it would give it a little more shape.
It did, but still not as much as I was hoping.
Aside from the shape, I ADORE the graphics
on this little shirt. The faux strands of beads
gave it just the touch it needed for the bodice.
It saved me the work of any embellishments up top. 

For the skirt I used fabric scraps I had on hand.
I didn't have to buy one single cut of fabric for this project.
This time I didn't sew the skirt together up the side until
I had all the ruffles on. So basically I was sewing ruffles
on a long straight piece of fabric. Once I had all the 
ruffles on I sewed the side seam up on the skirt
and attached it to the shirt. This was a total
no-brainer and I wondered why the heck I didn't 
do it that way last time??????

The colors came together so nicely with the t-shirt and 
I love how it turned out so "shabby chic". 
Once I had the skirt attached, I realized that I should
have attached it closer to the purple ruffle so I had to hand
sew the turquoise layer on.
I figured, "hey-why stop there?", and 
added the little pink blobs  rosettes to finish the look.

I like the final product but still ended it knowing that
I would do things differently yet again when I make another....
which will probably happen next month when we have
ANOTHER birthday in the family.
I figure by the time my little lady is old enough
for dress-up, I'll have this mastered.

Total cost-$5 for the t-shirt.
Not bad eh?


April said...
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paula said...

April....sshhhhh. don't tell anyone.

April said...

LOL!!! It is a cute dress :)

Jolie said...

I think I know what the shhhhh is about....
I can see a familiar little nose :)

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