Wednesday, June 8, 2011

~embelished onesie dress~

I've had a few onesies I bought  BEFORE my
baby girl was born that I got with the intentions
of embellishing. Well-6 months into this and
I've finally got around to completing one. 

It was sooooo easy.
I did this in about an hour and if my sewing machine
wouldn't have given me grief, I would have been 
able to do it in about 20-30 minutes.
I used a tank top that I got from one of 
my friends D.I. bags. 
For the skirt I cut pieces off the bottom of the tank top
and did a gathering stitch after I sewed the two pieces together.
Next, I gathered it and pinned it to the onesie.
I then sewed it on. This was were my machine started
giving me grief. I need to have it serviced. 
Because the fabric was so stretchy I tried to use
a stretch stitch setting and my machine wouldn't have it!
Instead I used a zig-zag stitch, which worked fine
but I would have preferred to use a stretch stitch.
The stretch stitch will hold up longer.
Next I used the band I cut from the bottom hem of the tank
and attached them to the shoulders and tied. 
Finally, I cut the embellishment that was on the 
front of the tank top and used double stick fusible web
to attach it to the front of the onesie.

It's not as elaborate and cool as I had envisioned when
I first thought of it but I figure for my first, 
it's not too shabby.
I'm already working on another dress for her. 
This is fun!

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