Thursday, June 2, 2011

~songs of life~

A very dear and close friend of mine 
moved out of state this week :(
I really wanted to give her a going away gift.
I wanted it to be something special
and personal but also needed to make
sure it wasn't adding to the crap
she already had to pack up and move.
Among many other things, it's safe to 
say that she's my "concert buddy".
Music is a huge part of both of 
our lives and has been a 
significant part of our friendship.
Over a period of 10 years we have gone
to many many concerts together.

I decided on a book of memories
with all of our concert stubs.

I got a blank board book at Michael's and 
decorated each page with scrapbook paper
I had on hand. 

Here is the front of the book.

I made pockets for each page with 
scrapbook paper and put a photocopy
of the concert stubs in each pocket.
 On the back of each concert stub
I wrote a memory of that 
particular concert.

Matchbox 20 is our favorite so
it got two whole pages.....
so many memories that I had to write
about them on a separate note and 
put that in the pocket instead.

I didn't take pictures of every page
but I think you get the idea. 

I wrapped it up and took it to her
the night before she left....
She loved it and we had
a GREAT time laughing and reminiscing 
about each memory before we said goodbye.
The back pages were left empty
and blank on purpose.....
signifying future memories that we 
will fill the pages with.
They may be fewer and far between
but they will happen.

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Tracy said...

It's been exactly one week since our Dear Family (HEART) left us. I am still so choked up I can barely post this. Paula, your Gift so perfectly represented the Time, Effort and LOVE put it into your friendship with Jolie. Her moving has created such a HUGE void in our lives that it impresses on me how precious time is when spent with those we love and cherish! She/They gave FOUR times what they ever received. To Be Continued in "The Verde"...ROCK ON, Sister! <3 XOXO

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