Tuesday, July 12, 2011

~might as well JUMP~

I rarely never sew anything for myself.
It's not that I don't have the desire or the ideas,
there are just always other projects and gifts 
that need to be done for other people.

I have been seeing a trend this summer that
may have given me the push to actually 
sew a little project for myself.
 At the expense of totally making an ass
of myself by admitting this I'm going to give it a go:

 Some will argue that they are totally 80's.....
maybe even 60's or 70's.....
actually, all of the above now that I think of it. 
But, I don't care. 
I love them.
I think they are adorable and I've been 
searching for a shorts jumper to add to 
my pathetic summer wardrobe.
Problem is, I can only find very short shorts jumpers
and I DO NOT wear short shorts.  
I think I'm going to take a crack at sewing one.
Here are a few I found online for inspiration:
 This one is from Target....I think.
I think it's around $25.
 This one is my favorite.....Michael Kors.
It was on sale at Macy's for about $70.
I love how casual, comfortable and effortless it looks.
This one is Bar III at Macy's...
on sale for $30.
I love the a-symmetric neckline.
 This one is capri's.....so basically, pants on me.
It was only $7 at Walmart on clearance. 
I think I might get it in black just to see how I like
the longer jumpsuit.....
come to think of it, maybe I'll buy it and cut it off 
into shorts. Now-there's an idea.
Rrrroar....sexy momma jumpsuit.
I love this. 
If only I had an exciting evening destination
to wear it to....(and the height to pull it off)
This is Rachel Roy at Macy's for $130.

I'll let you know how/what I decide.

I actually JUST ordered the $7 jumpsuit from
Walmart and plan on cutting it the length I want.
I ordered it in black.
I couldn't even get the fabric for that price so I 
figure I might as well try it.
Imagine it with a cute belt, ROCKIN jewelry
and some butt-kickin heels or sandals.
Ooh-I hope this turns out as good as I envision.

1 comment:

Jolie said...

love the m.k. one too!!!!
also the sexy momma one!!
do that one!

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