Friday, February 18, 2011

~glorious food~

Ok-so I know this is suppose to be a crafting/sewing blog.
I'm branching out a little.
Heart and Sew'l was what I named this blog
because that's what sewing and creating does for me.....
it feeds my heart and soul.
But it's not the only thing in my life that does that.
I'm going to start posting about other things
that feed my heart and soul.

Let's get real literal about this one.
Not only do I feed my heart and soul with this.....

I love this.
comfort style.
Wasa crispbread, spread with Laughing Cow Cheese,
topped with a cucumber slice and smoked salmon..


The smoked salmon is caught and smoked fresh
by my husband. IT IS TO DIE FOR!
He should bottle up this stuff and sell it...


Megan said...

I think he should sell it. I would buy...

Julie Long said...

That does look pretty good. We just got a little G.foreman grill and yesterday I made an amazing sandwich. Whole wheat bread with light cream cheese and Garlic and Parmesan hummus topped with shredded rotisserie chicken and sliced mushrooms. It was so good and I only ate half of it with my tomato basil soup so I had some for another meal.

I'm just starting to discover hummus. I use it in place of mayo and mustard.

lisa_sims said...

I am loving this little snack. Thank you for the idea. YES! Sell the fish!

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