Tuesday, April 5, 2011


It appears that my crafting blog has gone

I've actually got a few projects I need to
write about and show you.
I will soon, I promise.

About a month ago as I was looking through
some pictures of my sweet little baby I
realized that I can't hardly remember her
as a little tiny newborn. This really bothered
me as she is barely 4 months old.
I should still remember those days VIVIDLY.
Precious time that is all a blur to me now.

I was too busy trying to get Christmas stuff done
or birthday gifts taken care of
or this
or that blogged about ( I also have my family blog)
or laundry done
or the house cleaned....
...you get the point.

It all seems stupid now.
Who cares if I got it done on time.
Does anyone remember?
Will they?
Unfortunately, neither do I......

I've made a vow to myself and my kids that
I won't miss any more precious time with them
in order to get a project done.
The projects will wait.
That stack of fabric will still be there.
So will the laundry.
And so will the dust bunnies....
but most of all....so will my memories.

Don't give up on me...I still LOVE this stuff.

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Jolie said...

I remember what you did for me and my birthday love and the sacrifice it took with a newborn. That's a big part of what made it so special to me.
I'm sorry that you gave too much of yourself to others and now have regrets....we all have to learn to balance our lives.

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