Monday, February 7, 2011


I love silhouettes and have been
wanting to make some ever since I
saw the idea in
Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts

A friend of mine had a birthday coming up
and I knew when I saw these pics of her boys
on their skate boards, that these were
the exact pics I wanted to use.
I printed the pics up from my computer
and first colored in the image with
a black sharpie.

After I had the images all shaded in,
I cut out the image.
It took a while to do and I found that
my small crafting scissors worked better
than an exacto knife like the instructions had suggested.

After I cut the images out, I found the
paper I wanted to attach it to and cut it to size.
(these are 5X7)
To attach the silhouettes to the paper I used
those little round, thick stickers that
raise the picture up a bit from the paper.
(how's that for technical? still waiting for normal brain
function to return since having the baby.)

The last step is to put it in the frame.

So simple and inexpensive.
A bit time consuming but even
a beginning crafter can do this!

I can't wait to make some for my house now.

-For the life of me I cannot figure out why the text
is smaller here on the bottom. I've spent longer trying
to fix it than I did on composing this entire post!
I'm done.


Jolie said...

I just noticed this post!!! It's been up for over a week!! Oh my....I'm losing it!!

Friend...these pics are my loves!!!
You captured the boys' body and personality and I can look at them every time I walk in or out of my bedroom.


peach said...

I have wanted this of my boy for a while now! Glad to know it's so easy to do! Now I just have to make myself take the time to do it. Don't know when you find the time!

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