Thursday, February 13, 2014

~Valentines for kids and Wire Heart Bangle Bracelet~

 It's possible that my creativity level is at
an all time low right now. 
Total bummer because making our Valentines each year
is usually a highlight for me.
For my son's Valentines I completely relied
on Pinterest for a little copy cat action. 

After pinning a few and showing them to my 
little guy, this is the one he chose to make for 
his class: 
Isn't it adorable? There's a free download/printable
for this and you can find it (HERE) at

We intended to do this for the whole class
but unfortunately when my printer got low
on ink, we had to come up with another
Valentine's game plan. 

We did this:
I made the note myself but I found the
idea for this Valentine at "Paging Supermom"...(HERE).

If we hadn't already done the Yoda Valentines we
would have done this for all the boys instead.
So-half the boys are getting Yoda-the other
half are getting the paratroopers.

The girls are getting this:

I got this free printable (HERE) at
Living, Loving, Learning Naturally. 
For the girls we attached a heart shaped ring pop
because.....duh-A girl's gotta get her some
jewelry for Valentine's Day....and her birthday....
and Christmas....and anniversaries....

On that note....
this is what I made for his teacher:

 Simple little heart bangles in contrasting metals.
She can wear each one alone or stack them.

They were super easy and I like the simplicity
of them. Guess what I'll also be making 
myself for Valentines? 

Hope your Valentine's Day is filled 
with lots of love and happiness.

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susie said...

So cute! Love everything and Love you guys! xoxo

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