Monday, April 6, 2015

~Welcome Back Me...and some earthy jewelry!~

Remember me?
It's been a loooong time, I know.
About 2 years ago I got this crazy idea to take 
up a job, thinking I could continue to
manage all the things 
I enjoy doing-vs-the responsibilities of things
I HAVE to do. Turns out, it takes
up a lot more of my time than I originally
thought it would and therefore my "flex time"
for crafts, DIY, jewelry and fashion
is pretty much non-existent.
And getting on the computer to blog if I do
get a spare minute.......forget about it!
I work from home (did I mention yet
that I love my job?) and I'm on the
computer so much for work that
it's about the last thing I want to be doing 
when I don't have to to.

All that being said, I miss nurturing my
creative side. I miss blogging. 
Instagram just doesn't cut it for me.
I have managed to bust out a couple
projects in the last few months...
this is one of them.

This was a "special order" from a good friend
of mine's husband. His Valentine's gift to her.
A bracelet and pair of earrings.
I love how it turned out...a very earthy vibe.

Hope you all have been well!
Come back soon...I won't be such a stranger!

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