Wednesday, July 11, 2012

~toddler shoes from boy to girl~

 We bought these cute little Pediped shoes for 
our little guy when he was just a wee babe.
He wore them so much you can see his cute little
foot marks on the soles of the shoes. 

Pedipeds are not cheap and $40 for a pair
of shoes for a baby/toddler is insane to me.
However-let me remind you that we bought these shoes
PRE-poor days. Well-now our little lady needs
some sturdy little shoes and I pulled these out.
For $40 we've got to get our money's worth.  
I had to fem them up a bit.
I crossed the straps and sewed a big flower button
with embroidery thread to the straps.
 Still camo but a little better.
Now I'm thinking I should have used a big
black button instead. Maybe I'll switch them out.
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Linda said...

Paula-I think you should leave the pink on them-they are darling! Love you all!!

susie said...

They are so cute! Just add the button in the middle of the flower. I bet she loves them and ya, $40 for a pair of shoes, I bet your hubby was the one to buy I right?

Jolie said...

I love the pink and pop of orange against the camo!! maybe a wide stitch of the orange around the heel would be cute too? but who am i to give such crafty advise??? i have a basement full of "craft supply" that range from flowers to feathers to scrapbooking to mod podge that will probably never see the light of day again!!!! I am what you call the girl with big ideas yet no big ambition to do anything about it!

but back to the $40 toddler shoes....youve got your $$ worth!! only you could make something so boyish turn into something so dang girlish adorable!!!!

jelly andrews said...

Amazing! It is very creative. I love it. Thanks for sharing this idea.

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