Thursday, July 5, 2012

~i love a parade~

 To me, nothing says 4th of July 
like a good old-fashion parade.
We started our holiday celebrations yesterday
with our little town's parade.

The VFW carrying our colors.....
how sad was it that one of these veterans
was having to tell bystanders along the 
route to stand up....don't people just know that?
Makes my blood boil.
 Nothing says small town like the posse....
 ...or the school kids carrying the flag...
very serious about not letting it touch the ground. 
I wonder if they actually made it thru the whole
parade without letting it touch.
 The wonderful, happy sounds of a parade :)

 Loved this Chinese dragon.
 I had to take a picture of this for all my friends
reading.....when we were cheerleaders back in the day
we thought it was cool to ride in the back of my friends
Dad's new Chevy pick-up truck.....DAMN-these cheerleaders
are taking that up a notch or two or ten.
When my little guy saw this he said,
"WOW! An army truck full of girls! Cool."
Twenty years later I guess this is how
cheerleaders are rocking the parades.

But nothing was better than this:
"Mom! Mom! Fire trucks...finally! My favorite."
Whew...thank heavens-he had me worried with
that army truck full of girls comment. I'm 
not ready for that yet.

Yesterday was one of those Norman Rockwell days.....
-we barbecued with friends.
-we enjoyed the weather.
-we ate too much food.
-we drank cold beer.
-we lit fireworks.
-we oohed and awed at the magnificence 
and beauty of the big firework show in our area.
-we thanked God to live in America.

Lee Greenwood said it best,
"God Bless the U.S.A."

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