Sunday, May 17, 2015

~singing bowl resting pillow~

 Bought this beautiful singing bowl
as a birthday present for a good friend of mine.
Have you ever heard a singing bowl?
They can be used for meditation or healing
and they make such a beautiful sound. 
You rub a dowel along the edge of the bowl
and it makes music....a sound that's indescribable. 
Almost hypnotic.

When I was at the store buying it, I noticed they
had them displayed on pillows. I knew right
away this was how I could put my 
personalized touch into this store bought gift.

With a little swatch of velvet fabric and some findings 
in my jewelry making supplies I came up with this:

 I put the jewels in the center to button tuck the pillow
so it would sit level and not roll off. 

 I thought the contrasting color really makes
the color and beauty of the bowl stand out
while it's resting on the pillow.

Here's to a year of peace and beauty Lyns...
a beautiful gift for a beautiful soul and a beautiful friend :)

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