Sunday, February 10, 2013

~valentines for schoolmates & teacher~

 The valentines we ended up doing for my son's
class weren't any of the ideas I listed before.
I needed something fast, easy and cheap.
I found a free printable from Positively Splendid
and went with that. Check them out:
     You too can print these for free by clicking (here). 

This is what we did for his teacher: 
 As you can see, I made her a heart wire bracelet and
we traced his hand to attach it to.
I had him decorate it with stickers and sign it.

Now that it's done I think the proper way to say it
would have been "stolen my heart".....
but when I write that again it still doesn't seem right.  
What is it?   

However the proper way to say it may be....
I'm sure she gets the meaning behind it.

Are you done with your valentines?
Now I'm working on my family cards.
I'll share those later this week.    

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Jolie said...

super cute! I think it's stole....or stolen...or stole....?????

Amanda said...


I love the practicality of these valentines. I always hating giving valentines to the other kids in my classes because there were always some in the boxes that were stupid sappy and I didn't want people to think I liked them!!!! That would have been totally embarrassing.

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